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Dear traveler

I am glad to introduce you our company and staff providing excellent tours around Mongolia from unique Gobi Desert (South) to beautiful Khubusgul lake (North) and from majestic high peaks of Altai Mountains (West) to the Eastern infinite steppes.
Our company established in 2000. From 2001 we expanded our activity in the field of tourism. We have well trained staff who able to organize your journey to the places you want which are guaranteed to be interesting, cheerful, saved and good managed with shows of Mongolian national mode of life. Our guides and drivers are experienced, honest, polite and considered.
We are offering several tours to the historical and beautiful wild places such as Chinggis Khaan's birth place and prepared tours full of adventure by riding horse through steppe or mountain areas, riding camels in Goby, fishing in lakes or rivers, auto driving though industrial cities, hunting, participating in a National Day or Old New year Celebrations, living with herdsman's family exercising their traditions and many more.
During your travel around Mongolia you can see unspoiled wild nature, rare plants, animals, birds and also significant historical and cultural monuments regarded to Bronze age, Huns, Tureg state Chinggis Khan's period in initial places.
Our company has own tourist camp in Khar Khorin (ancient capital) where you will get itinerary to visit tourist places in Khar Khorin or you may just relax.
We invite you to discover Mongolia and take best impressions back to home.

Faithfully yours,


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